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In the context of DAM systems, the term 'Lightbox' usually refers to an area where users can keep lists of assets they may wish to download or use later. Non-digital images such as transparencies are typically viewed on a real lightbox to illuminate the images so it can be seen properly. The metaphor has stuck even though it is not particularly relevant and is now used for all types of asset, not just images. The term is similar to 'Shopping Cart' which has been applied to many ordering based web sites or applications, note that most Digital Asset Management systems tend to include a shopping cart also to allow users to specify assets they would like to use for a project.

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Comments for Lightbox

By Lee-Anne Raymond on 11/11/2013 at 23:21
Hi Ralph,
Great resource thankyou for taking up Henrik's challenge. Just an observation that goes to function for Lightbox.
I suggest perhaps replacing the shopping cart analogy with that of a (user defined) digital album or group? The lightbox has more permanence in terms of function than a cart. It might be a stretch to say it offers the user a type of library and classification that does not rely upon the metadata schema but it allows for compilations outside of a metadata schema and multiples of them. The traditional context of consulting over non-digital transparencies using a traditional lightbox is not completely irrelevant. We often share "lightboxes" within a project workflow context.
Formal collections that are centrally accessible for user to access are called Mini Collections in the system we use. I'll suggest that term in addition if appropriate and not already present.
By Ralph Windsor on 12/11/2013 at 10:58
Hi Lee-Anne,

Thanks for your comment and support for the DAM Glossary.

I'll have another look at the Lightbox definition and consider how to accommodate your suggestion. It's often a contentious description and there is a bit of confusion over it. I have seen some DAM systems that have multiple 'carts' and use them like 'lightboxes'. I'll need to reference all these possible meanings without the definition turning into an essay.

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