User: Ian Matzen

Ian Matzen is a Digital Asset Management professional with a graduate degree in Library and Information Science. His current job includes managing rich media for a publishing company. The subjects he studies and writes about the most include metadata, media management, and digital preservation. His professional experience post producing commercials, episodic television, and corporate videos in Los Angeles and San Francisco informs his work.

My postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of my employer.

Twitter: @ianmatzen


The following terms have been created or edited by Ian.

Application Programming Interface (API) (created: 17/02/2014, edited: 17/02/2014)
Boolean Search (created: 17/02/2014, edited: 17/02/2014)
Boolean Search Operators (created: 17/02/2014, edited: 17/02/2014)
Content Stewards (created: 11/11/2013, edited: 11/11/2013)
Facet Analysis (created: 09/02/2015, edited: 09/02/2015)
Latency (created: 07/09/2015, edited: 07/09/2015)
Provenance Information (created: 11/11/2013, edited: 12/11/2013)
Significant Properties (created: 11/11/2013, edited: 11/11/2013)